Avax shooting operations in Binance are still hanging: how long will the problem continue?

AVAX shooting operations on Binance are still suspended.


AVAX entered a period of drastic decline after breaking the all-time record by climbing to $ 55. In addition to the fact that the AVAX price has risen more than 10 times in the recent period, technical problems have also affected this decline.

Avalanche and Ethereum Bridge opened

A systemic problem with the Avalanche and the Ethereum Bridge caused the system to be suspended for an extended period of time. After the Avalanche team's dedicated work, the system was fixed for the Avalanche network, but network nodes had to update the new client. For AVAX, the main event that caused fear globally was the claim that there had been a double spending attack.

Avalanche co-founder Emin Gün Sirer said in a statement on the issue, stressing that there was certainly no double spending attack. After Sirer, who implied that this was not a problem with the consensus engine and therefore could not be considered a double expense, the Avalanche team also published a detailed analysis.

AVAX shooting operations on Binance hang

Although the Avalanche team has released a statement about this rather frightening claim, investors ' fear continues due to the fact that Binance has suspended Avax shooting operations for almost 5 days. In a post published by the Binance team, and as of now, when entering the shooting page, it is stated that the transactions were suspended.

Although no official statement has been released by Binance on this issue, it is stated that the shooting operations are suspended due to the exchange's failure to update the network node software. A similar situation has occurred for Ethereum Classic before, and Binance chose to suspend transactions for a while. Binance announced the date of opening transactions for AVAX as an estimated 16 February.

Is the AVAX price drop Normal?

When entering Avax's Telegram groups, it can be seen that many users complain about this drastic decline. In addition, the number of users who show confidence in the project and do not act price-oriented is too large to be underestimated.

The AVAX price, on the other hand, has fallen 15% in the last 24 hours, but has gained a slight momentum with the opening of the bridge between ETH and AVA, rising to $ 35. Whether this will continue may vary depending on the resolution of the question marks in the minds of investors and the general state of the cryptocurrency market. Avax, which has achieved an impressive rise of 1,000% in a short time, seems normal to experience a correction like any cryptocurrency.

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