What Is Barcode?

1-D One-Dimensional Barcode Types


1-D One-Dimensional Barcode Types  


There are 2 kinds of UPC. UPC-A and UPC-e are both used in the US-Canada region. UPC-A is mainly used in the numbering of commercial products and consists of 12-digit numbers. UPC-E, on the other hand, is used for numbering small commercial products and is smaller than UPC-A, with 6 digits. The UPC barcode image is shown on the side.


Ean barcode has barcode types such as EAN-13, Ean-8. It is commonly used in Europe. EAN is a numbering system produced from the UPC numbering system. They are similar in appearance to UPC. EAN is an acronym for”International Article Numbering Association". The EAN system is used for numbering retail products. EAN-13; 13 digits, while EAN-8 is smaller, i.e. 8 digits, it is used for numbering smaller products. In addition, the EAN system is used for numbering books (ISBN) and periodicals (ISSN). The image of the EAN barcode system is shown on the side.

 CODE 39

Code 39 is commonly used in the automotive industry. It allows the use of both numbers and letters. As its name suggests, it can encrypt 39 characters, but with recent work, this has been increased to 43 characters.

 Code 128

Code 128 is compressed high-density code. It is used in logistics, transportation, ordering and distribution areas.

 ITF (Interleaved 2 of 5) 

Used in packaging industry. It consists of 14 characters.

 COD 93

Code 93 barcodes are used in logistics, to identify packages, to identify electronic components.


It is used in the fields of logistics, health and wellness. Codabar is a discrete, auto-controlled numbering system that can be encoded to 16 characters and can take 4 start/stop characters.


They are also known as Reduced Space Symbology (RSS-14). Retail locations are used to identify consumer coupons, identify easily perishable foods, and identify certain products in the healthcare sector.


It is mainly used for inventory management in retail sales.

2-D 2-Dimensional Barcode Types


It is mainly used for inventory management in retail sales.


Datamatrix codes are a 2-dimensional numbering system. It is used to identify small parts. Ideal for small parts in logistics and operations. It has fast readability and high fault tolerance, such as QR codes. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey.


PDF417 codes are 2-dimensional. Photos, fingerprints, signatures, graphics, etc.that need high data storage. used in applications. They may have more than 1.1 kilobytethane of data. This feature makes them more powerful than other 2D barcodes. They are machine readable. It is the most commonly used 2D barcode type.


Aztec codes are widely used, especially in the field of Transportation. They can even be read at Bad resolution.

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