What Is Quantum Internet? A Revolutionary Technology

What Is Quantum Internet? A Revolutionary Technology


The empowerment of the next generation of the internet through revolutionary technology is on the agenda. Scientists from all over the world are working on the quantum internet. Quantum internet, in short, is a type of internet that provides secure networks and information faster than the speed of light. So what exactly is the quantum internet, a key target for many countries?

Quantum internet is a theoretical system that works by using quantum signals instead of radio waves to send information. This system consists of interconnected quantum computers. It reveals unprecedented functions that are impossible to perform with today's internet applications. The quantum internet transmits large volumes of data over enormous distances at speeds exceeding the speed of light.

The QKD (Quantum key distribution) network works by transmitting the encoded key between endpoints in the form of quantum bits, called cubits, over a fiber optic cable. Cubites are typically polarized photons that can move along fiber optic cables. Any attempt to capture the quantum key will destroy the sensitive quantum state of the cubite and the information it holds, alerting the endpoints that intrusion has occurred. This detectability of intrusions is what ensures the security of data transmission in the quantum internet.

In classic communication, most data transmission begins when the sender and receiver share a key. Communication is then secured by using this public key to encrypt the message. The receiver then decodes the data with the key. The security of most classic communications today is based on the algorithm for creating keys that are difficult to break but not impossible. That's why scientists are trying to make this communication process quantum-induced.

Traditional computers encode data as zero or one. Quantum, on the other hand, places information simultaneously between both zeros and ones. Quantum internet enables academics, researchers, and IT professionals to build the infrastructure of quantum internet; gateways, quantum routers, repeaters, etc. it will need to create many quantum instruments. In parallel with the existing ecosystem of the sectors we have in the Normal internet space, a whole new sector will emerge with quantum internet.

What Does Quantum Internet Do?

Being able to imagine what the quantum internet would bring if it were implemented also requires predicting what technological advances will occur over the next 50 years. Although scientists make predictions about the quantum internet, it is impossible to draw parallels between the quantum internet and the way we currently navigate the internet.

Many quantum-dimensional communication studies conducted today are dedicated to finding out how best to encode, compress, and transmit information. But we can say that the information that scientists are trying to send over the quantum internet is not like sending emails. Based on this, we can say that the purpose of the quantum internet is not to replace the classical internet.

In contrast, researchers say that the quantum internet will sit next to the classical internet. But they say it will be used for more specific applications. What is believed is that the quantum internet will perform tasks that are very difficult to perform even on the best supercomputers that exist today.

Quantum Internet Studies

Although many countries have goals on quantum internet, China and the United States stand out in this regard. China, which has long invested in quantum networks, has managed to achieve a 745-mile QKD. China's next stage is to grow the infrastructure of this system.

So far, their experiments have only been aimed at connecting two endpoints. Now that point-to-point communication can be provided, researchers are working so that a large number of senders can exchange multiple receivers over the quantum internet.

Currently, the goal for quantum researchers is to scale networks first at a national level and then at an international level. But the quantum internet is a very long-term project. So it is expected that it will take time for this exciting technology to materialize in a functional sense.

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